Most everyone has a passion, hobby or even light interest in something. For the first 20 years of my life, my hobby was and still is to be an absolute master at trouble. This can still hold true every now and again…Once I found my love for food I was happy. Once I discovered that my love for food and creating had ALWAYS actually been there, I was ecstatic. Not only did I found a passion, but it had ROOTS!

I woke up this gloomy Sunday morning and my first thought? “What’s for dinner? What bread do I want to make? Meringue sounds light fluffy fun… Too soon to start drinking wine?” Just to name a few.

The Point is. I wake up and fall asleep with food on my brain. It’s what I choose to read about from cookbooks to memoirs of chefs to my favorite magazines and food blogs. I am the dork who can gaze at photos of fresh produce, of an insanely constructed crudo by the hands of Le Berardin in New York City, or a masterfully done Carolina gold rice dish with stunning features by Sean Brock.

I read about my favorite restaurants; the chefs and owners behind them such as my obsession with Brooks Reitz behind Jack Rudy Cocktail company, Leon’s Poultry and Oyster Shop, Little Jacks Tavern and the new to open Melfis all in Charleston SC and all accomplished with incredibly hard work at the ripe old age of 34! Who doesn't want to read about that!? 

The conclusion to this very brief blog post today is I am so thankful to have a thing to love that is mine. No one can ever take that away from you. Need a passion? Go out and get one! They are waiting for you everywhere you just have to be able to find them.

Happy Sunday ya’ll!

Do something for you, run your life don’t let life run you!